Real Estate Content Marketing for Military Serving Agents!
  • ​Provide Valuable Installation Guides to Your Clients
  • Custom Agent Websites
  • ​Tailored Marketing Materials
  • ​Informative Webinars and Weekly Blog Content
  • ​Active Member Community
"I’ve sold over $11 million worth of homes so far this year and truly 1/4 of that is because of Agent Intel"
Realtor, Hampton Roads, VA
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Provide Valuable Installation Guides to Your Clients
We Brand each and every piece of Agent Intel content with your information!
  •  Capture the attention of your military prospects with content that converts!
  •  Branding feature where you can decide which pieces of content you want branded with your logo.
  • ​ Base Guides currently available: Over 60 bases complete with another 40 in development! Just ask us about the one you are looking for!
Custom Agent Websites
Use your custom Agent Page to share new weekly content on social media
  • Collect contact information by offering users a free download
  • Drive all contacts directly back to YOU!
Tailored Marketing Materials
Get access to a content library curated to help you convert a military prospect.
  •  Communicate effectively with this military population even if you have never served in the military!
  • Copy & Paste this content into your marketing campaigns.
Informative Webinars  and Weekly Blog Content
Get access to new weekly content and monthly webinars
  • Learn from other real estate professionals about what's working in their business
  • 1x per month Webinar + 4x per month new content (blogs, toolkits etc) will be delivered to you to use in your marketing.
Active Member Community
Get access to connections and knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Chat one-to-one with members and troubleshoot current business challenges. Get instant feedback from experienced peers.
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • Agent Intel is made up of renown real estate professionals!
  •  Get access to knowledge you can't get anywhere else! 
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Hear what people are saying about us...
"Agent Intel is a treasure trove of well-sourced information about military communities. It's a necessity for every agent who serves those who serve."
 Broker, Kailua, HI
Realtor, Hampton Roads, VA
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"Agent Intel looks like it's going to be a great area for those who service military clients to get tons of great information and be able to speak directly to their military clients!"
 Broker-Associate, San Antonio TX
"Great resources for anyone wanting to help the military with their next PCS. I especially love the duty station packets."
 Realtor - Military Relocation Professional Harker Heights, TX
“I can tell Agent Intel is going to be a huge value ad to my business. To be able to have quick access, add my logos, and get those out to military affiliated clients is really helpful. It is nice to not have to reinvent the wheel!”
Realtor, HRVA Homes at
 Keller Williams Town Center

"Agent Intel makes it so easy to bring great content and knowledge to our Heroes! As a Mil-Spouse and Realtor this is an amazing resource."
Realtor, San Antonio, TX
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